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You’re only seconds away from receiving the full “Linchpin Offer Masterclass” training (and all your bonuses) that could help you create, validate, sell and fulfill offers that predictably bring in $25k, $50k, $75k, even $100k per month in revenue...

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  • Full LINCHPIN OFFER MASTERCLASS, Revealing our fail-proof system for creating offers that sell ($1,000 Value)
  • FREE GIFT #1: 7-Figure Sales Scripts with what to say, when to say it, how to say it, to win more clients ($400 Value)
  • ​FREE GIFT #2: ClientKit Files: Avatar Builder, straight from our ClientKit training, this will help you nail WHO your ideal client is ($1,500 Value)
  • FREE GIFT #3: ClientKit Files: Packaging & Offers, discover our “secret sauce” for packaing offers ($1,000 Value)
  • FREE GIFT #4: November 2019 Elite Event: Preselling & Creating Products, never sell something people don’t want again ($350 Value)
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Jodi D.

In the past week, I've upgraded a client to a bigger 15k package, onboarded a new coaching client for a 6k package & signing another DWY client for 12k tomorrow. Add that to the 14k first booking and we are at 47k SINCE STARTING IN JANUARY.

Brooke E.

I just have to celebrate! I finally hit OVER $100K THIS MONTH...
The last coach I hired said I could have a million-dollar business by March 2018... In your face.

Pete T.

Good problems to have: Getting pissed off at myself for being on $77k of sales for the month. I want that $100k. 
Still have 5 calls to go.

Chris A.

When you get $22K in sales between Fri and Mon - without doing ANY pitching or "marketing" whatsoever.

Ahmad M.

Hit $30K this month for the first time ever. I still have 8-10 calls booked for next week. 🔥

Kyle W.

Revamped my offer last week.
First sale in the bag.
Dolla dolla billz y'all.

Jess K.

12k closed for this week already!

Cem V.

$10,950 deal signed and paid from organic!

Ayries B.

JUST CLOSED a $6,800 package with a $3,400 deposit.

Michael W.

Just booked a new client for $4,800 - first time ever collecting the full payment up front. 

Got any questions on this? 
Get your answers…

Is this training for noobs or more advanced marketers or entrepreneurs?

None and all of them, at the same time. What we show you is not basic tactics that noobs can use – although if you’re a noob, you’ll quickly upgrade your ability to craft offers that sell. And if you’re an advanced marketer or entrepreneur, you will discover new strategies and shift your mindset in a way that helps you take your offers to another level in terms of results. 

Forgot about noobs vs. advanced – this is a system that works for anyone, period.

Will I be overwhelmed by info – will you hold my hand??

No, you won’t be overwhelmed because unlike other “courses” out there, we don’t dump hours of content on you and wish you the best. We’ve distilled our methods into the most useful and actionable stuff imaginable. You can implement what we teach in a matter of minutes or hours after you’ve watched the training. Hold your hand? We’re not sitting next to you so no, BUT you’ll feel like “you’ve got this” within minutes of listening to us.

Is this information just theory or is it practical?

Not just theory. It’s extremely practical. Just do what we instruct you to do, and you’ll be able to create, validate, and sell offers that can be life-changing for your business.

I’ve tried funnels, ads, enauks and everything under the sun… Will this work for me??

Yikes! That’s a lot of trial and error, my friend. Good news: this training ELIMINATES GUESS-WORK and puts you on the right path. You don't need a gazillion funnels. Forget about the funnels – do the things that are PROVEN to WORK (you’ll discover it all inside the training).

Why are you doing this?

Our mission is to help people who are stuck like we were…
  • Realize what is possible for them and their families
  • Impact as many lives as possible for good
  • Help you in your journey so that you’d want to have a deeper working relationship with us
That’s it. And we’re willing to take all the risk in this relationship.

However, if you are not serious about your business please just click off this page.

We’re not interested in dealing with wannabe’s or people who aren’t willing to “invest” in themselves and their business.

Guys, at this price... is it just entry-level or with out-of-date content?

The price tag is ridiculous, we know. We should be charging a lot more for this. But we’re not. 

Why? Because we have an “agenda”: 

We want YOU to be so impressed and ecstatic about the training – and get life-changing results from it – that you’ll WANT to hear more from us and buy other products we’re offering. 

We’re eliminating ANY risk for YOU – and taking on ALL the risk ourselves (plus, we’re charging way too little to begin with…)